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  • Can I order by phone?
    Of course! You can call 210-68.22.223 (24-hour service - leave message for domestic customers only)
  • How can I contact you?
    You can call us at E-shop Customer Service at 210-68.22.223 (24-hour service) or send us an email at info@fleur.gr or a message at eshop
  • Is my personal data safe?
    The information provided by the user regarding his personal data and his order is considered by Fleur.gr confidential and secret and therefore Fleur.gr is expressly committed to not disclose, exchange, sell or disclose personal data and information of its customers.We follow the GDPR regulation. See more information on our General Conditions page.
  • How can I add or remove a product from my order?
    Since your order has already been entered systematically and you have received an order confirmation email, we cannot make any changes to your order. Please contact our customer service to help you in the best possible way!
  • When will I receive my order and how much will the shipping cost?
    Your order will be delivered within 4 - 7 working days and always depending on the shipping point and local holidays. The cost for a simple shipment is 10 euros.
  • How can I pay?
    The available payment methods for online orders are credit or debit card via Paypal, or cash on delivery. You can use also the Klarna system to split into 3 monthly installments
  • Can I issue an invoice?
    Yes, it is possible to issue an invoice for your online purchases!
  • How can I track the progress of my order?
    Once your order has been shipped you will be notified by an email, to your email address. Within this email there will be a tracking number and the electronic address link address of the Courier company where you will be able to track the progress of your order. If for some reason this does not work or there is a problem you can contact us, either by phone or by sending an email!
  • I want to change the address or delivery details of my order. What should I do?
    If you have received an email informing you that your order has been dispatched, then your order has already been dispatched by us to the courier company, for any change you should contact them by giving them the dispatch number mentioned in the email you received. If you have not received an email informing you that your order has been shipped, then you can contact us at 210-68.22.223 from Monday to Friday, 09:00-21:00, to change it or by email or message in the eshop
  • How can I send the order as a gift?
    On the "Cart" page, select "Gift Packaging" under the list of products. Note: The lampshade bag is included in the parcel; to ensure the quality of your order in transit, the order can be packaged and shipped in gift packaging and only in the special shipping box.
  • My order is overdue. What should I do?
    In case of non-receipt of the order within the estimated times indicated per geographical zone and without prior notification of the delay, please contact the customer service department at 210-68.22.223 or via email or message through eshop
  • I want to cancel my order. What should I do?
    If you have received an email confirming the dispatch of the order, this means that your order has already been received by the courier company and cannot be canceled. In this case, you can start the return process as soon as you receive your order. If you have not received the email confirming the dispatch of your order you can send an email to info@fleur.gr with the subject "Order Cancellation" indicating the details of your order. For your convenience, the cancellation department is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 14:00 via messages in the eshop
  • Can I pick up my order from the physical FLEUR stores or from your warehouse?
    At the moment it is not possible to collect orders from the physical FLEUR stores or from our warehouse. Orders are only sent to your location via courier.
  • What is the Single Market?
    The single purchase option means that you buy the product at that particular time only once.
  • How can I make a monthly subscription to my fragrance?
    From the product page, you can choose the option of a monthly subscription with a 10% discount instead of a "single purchase". So without having to re-order, you will come to the address you have registered your perfume every month. Of course, at any time you can cancel your subscription from your account without any problem. So you will enjoy your favorite perfume every month in the size you want without any concern and with a preferential discount.
  • What are dupes for perfumes?
    Perfume dupes are fragrances that are not fakes, knockoffs, or imitations but rather duplicates that closely resemble popular perfumes. Despite their similarity, they are readily available and priced significantly lower than the authentic products they were originally inspired by.
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