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Do you want your perfume to always be unforgettable? These tips are for you! Perfume Layering - FLEUR Perfume Dupes

There are countless seductive fragrances out there waiting to be discovered. And the best part? New intoxicating creations appear every season that "invite" us to incorporate them into our beauty routine to become our trademark and make our everyday life even more beautiful. So, some of us may stay loyal for too long to our favorite fragrance, but in some cases we feel a strong need to differentiate ourselves somehow, looking for a distinctive scent with layering perfume dupes unlike any other.

We've talked before about this particular perfume trend currently starring on social media, especially on TikTok. Specifically, the "layering perfume" trend suggests mixing more perfumes that allow us to create a distinctive scent that will be unlike any other. As for the proportions? The correct technique is to combine two drops of our favorite fragrance and two of another fragrance creation we love. Be careful, though! Both selections should have common notes!

When we talk about niche fragrances, we're referring to a specific category of special and sought-after perfumes that you can't find everywhere. They are usually created by brands that specialize exclusively in fragrance and offer a unique scent. So, if your goal is to have your signature scent that is unlike anyone else's, this is an ideal choice. Look for sources where you can source a niche fragrance and find the one that represents you perfectly Some Ideas


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